Preamble.  Chapter 9 of the City Charter relating to the Fire Department authorizes the City Council to create and maintain a Fire Department, employ such personnel as may be needed and provide for the compensation and regulation of the personnel to do all things necessary to operate the Fire Department. The Council has determined that, in order to provide for the more efficient fighting of fires in the city on a cost-effective basis and on a basis that provides adequate personnel in order to fight fires within the city and vicinity and provide fire protection to its citizens, it is advisable to employ as a supplement to the full-time paid Firefighting Department of the city, on-call part-time firefighters. The purpose of this section is to implement the establishment of on-call part-time firefighters service as a part of the fire protection service to be furnished in the city.
   Subd. 1.   There is hereby established, as an adjunct to the full-time firefighters of the city, the employment of on-call part-time firefighters service for the purpose of assisting the full-time firefighters in providing fire protection in the city.
   Subd. 2.   The Austin Fire Commission is hereby requested to amend their rules and regulations in order to provide for an additional classification entitled “on-call part-time firefighter.” The city administration staff shall cooperate with the Austin Fire Civil Service Commission in generating interest in securing applications for such positions; the testing for such positions and the presentation of those candidates highest on the eligibility list for consideration for appointment by the Council as is currently provided in the rules of the Austin Civil Service Commission and state statutes. The Fire Civil Service Commission shall test a sufficient number of applicants so as to provide currently 20 on-call part-time firefighters. The Chief of the Fire Department shall provide requirements for the proper training of the personnel as are finally selected and along with the Austin Fire Commission establish minimal standards of training and a reasonable probationary period after completing training in order to assure that such candidates are suitable and qualified to assist the full-time Fire Department in fighting fires and providing other fire protection services as needed by the citizens of the city and surrounding vicinity from time to time.
   Subd. 3.   The City Administrator shall establish certain time schedules for the completion of testing and presentation of candidates to the Council for final selection. After the original 20 have been hired as on-call part-time firefighters, thereafter the Fire Commission shall test candidates as may be required from time to time in order to have available to the city eligible candidates for serving as on-call part-time firefighters.
   Subd. 4.   The compensation to be paid to such on-call part-time firefighters shall be established by resolution of the Council from time to time as needed. The Fire Department shall be responsible for continued training of the on-call firefighters as may be necessary in order to maintain their fire-fighting skills so as to continue to be efficient and qualified firefighters to provide the necessary fire protection for the citizens of the city and surrounding vicinity.
   Subd. 5.   The City Administrator, together with the Chief of the Fire Department, shall cause to be developed for the on-call part-time firefighters, a volunteer fire relief association for which the members would be eligible to join or develop such other suitable deferred compensation plan as may be authorized by law. No such plan shall be effected until approved by the Council. The on-call part-time firefighters shall not be eligible to join the Fire Relief Association presently established for certain firefighters not covered by P.E.R.A. for public safety employees.
   Subd. 6.   Persons who are employed as full-time firefighters by the city or as full-time officers of the Fire Department shall not be eligible to serve as on-call part-time firefighters. All other full-time city employees are eligible to serve as part-time on-call firefighters providing they are certified as eligible for appointment pursuant to the rules of the Austin Fire Civil Service Commission and state law.
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