Subd. 1.   Fund established.
      A.   There is hereby created, authorized and established as of August 1, 1957, an additional city fund to be known as the Intragovernmental Fund.
      B.   All accumulated funds that have been collected or levied since April 1, 1955, for the purpose of establishing an Intragovernmental Fund, are hereby deemed to be a part of the Intragovernmental Fund established by this section.
   Subd. 2.   Purpose. The purpose of this Intragovernmental Fund, as herein established, shall be two- fold:
      A.   To acquire, maintain and furnish rolling, mobile, vehicular and other equipment and service to the several city departments for their use from and after August 1, 1957; and
      B.   To finance and operate a central stores bureau for the purpose of purchasing and storing materials and the distribution to the several city departments for their use from and after August 1, 1957.
   Subd. 3.   Intent. It is the intention of this section, among other things, that all rolling, mobile, vehicular equipment and other equipment incidental to the maintenance of the rolling, mobile and vehicular equipment now owned by the city and under the jurisdiction of the Council together with any such equipment acquired or to be acquired in the future be placed in and under the jurisdiction and control of the Intragovernmental Fund herein created and to vest the record title to all equipment in the Intragovernmental Fund together with all of the muniments of title to the equipment.
   Subd. 4.   Rental charges. Rental charges shall be collected and charged to the various departments of the city administration for the use of the equipment and the money or charges when collected shall be credited to the Intragovernmental Fund. Records shall be kept for and on behalf of the Intragovernmental Fund by the City Recorder which are separate and segregated in a fund distinct and apart from all other funds of the city. The City Recorder is authorized to make refunds of excessive rental charges discovered as experience on the equipment warrants and to adjust periodically with the approval of the Council, the rental rates being charged whenever the circumstances warrant any adjustment.
   Subd. 5.   Disposal. In the event that any of the items of equipment or things hereinbefore referred to shall become undesirable or uneconomical to operate or maintain, the same shall be disposed of in accordance with this section and regulations governing disposal of city-owned equipment and any funds realized thereby shall be credited to the Intragovernmental Fund.
   Subd. 6.   Replacements. Any additional new equipment found to be necessary and to be used for the purposes herein specified must be paid for from any cash balance in the Intragovernmental Fund herein established not otherwise encumbered, provided the additional new equipment replaces equipment disposed of or to be disposed of.
   Subd. 7.   Additionals. Additional new equipment that is to be used for increasing or augmenting the number of units on hand must be approved by the Council and funds for the purchase thereof must be provided by appropriate levy in the city budget by the Council.
   Subd. 8.   Depreciation.
      A.   Rental charges for each piece of equipment shall be sufficient to reimburse the Intragovernmental Fund for all costs of operation and maintaining the equipment including a reasonable charge for depreciation of the equipment and buildings used incidental thereto.
      B.   The City Recorder shall segregate, by use of the proper accounts, that portion of rental earned representing depreciation charged off. Those earnings so segregated shall be used only for the purchase of replacement equipment and buildings.
   Subd. 9.   Advancement. For the purposes of implementing the objectives of the Intragovernmental Fund, the General Fund, with the permission of the Council, may advance periodically funds sufficient to discharge accrued depreciation on existing equipment and buildings.
(`80 Code, § 2.10) (Ord. 836, passed 7-15-57)