(A)   The city has assumed the authority for the collection of residential trash, as defined above, and provides a trash collection service solely for the benefit of, and shall be used solely by, the residents of the city. The city shall provide the service through the use of interlocal agreements, contracts, licensing, franchise arrangements, or any method it may deem necessary to ensure that quality service is provided to the city’s residents.
   (B)   The city shall provide a curbside or roadside trash collection service to residents occupying housing units contained in structures with four housing units per structure or less and mobile home courts that lie within the city. Apartment complexes composed of multiple buildings, commercial and industrial facilities, and churches are not included. Such trash collection services shall be provided on a designated day of each week. This schedule, however, is subject to change necessitated by special circumstances, including but not limited to: holidays, special events, severe weather, or equipment breakdown. Any changes in the above schedule will be announced by the city, in advance if possible, through the local news media.
(Ord. 2013-02, passed 6-10-2013)