Licensing; Accidents
335.01   Driver’s license or commercial driver’s license required.
335.02   Permitting operation without valid license; one license permitted.
335.021   Ohio driver’s license required for in state residents.
335.03   Driving with temporary instruction permit; curfew.
335.031   Driving with probationary license; curfew
335.032    Use of electronic wireless communication device prohibited while driving.
335.04   Certain acts prohibited.
335.05   Wrongful entrustment of a motor vehicle.
335.06   Display of license.
335.07   Driving under suspension or license restriction.
335.071    Driving under OVI suspension.
335.072    Driving under financial responsibility law suspension or cancellation; driving under a nonpayment of judgment suspension.
335.073    Driving without complying with license reinstatement requirements.
335.074   Driving under license forfeiture or child support suspension.
335.08   Operation or sale without certificate of title.
335.09   Display of license plates or validation stickers; registration.
335.091    Operating without dealer or manufacturer license plates.
335.10   Expired or unlawful license plates.
335.101    Registration within thirty days of residency.
335.11   Loan or sale of license plates.
335.12   Dealer’s plates.
335.13   Reporting repossession of motor vehicles.
335.14   Reporting unclaimed motor vehicles.
335.15   Reporting unused license plates.
335.16   Use of illegal license plates.
335.17   Stopping after accident upon streets; collision with unattended vehicle.
335.18   Stopping after accident upon property other than streets.
335.19   Vehicle accident resulting in damage to realty
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