All compensated positions that are subject to the rules of the Civil Service Commission shall be referred to as classified services. All other positions are considered unclassified services and are not subject to the rules of the Commission. Unclassified services are as follows:
   (a)    All elected officials of the City;
   (b)    All department heads and all assistant department heads other than the Police Lieutenant;
   (c)    All members of City boards and commissions;
   (d)    All employees of Council;
   (e)    All part time or temporary employees;
   (f)    All probationary employees;
   (g)    All volunteer firemen and auxiliary policemen;
   (h)    All other positions requiring peculiar or exceptional qualifications as determined by the Commission or Council.
      (Ord. 1971-707. Passed 4-12-71; Ord. 1972-766. Passed 1-10-72; Ord. 1997-176. Passed 9-8-97.)