The Civil Service Commission shall oversee all employment testing for Police and Fire Departments, whether for an initial or promotional appointment, which may include both written and oral (including oral assessment) competitive evaluations. 
However, examination shall not be required for appointment of members of boards or commissions, heads of departments, assistants to the head of the Law Department or to the Director of Finance, secretaries to the Mayor or to the head of any department, or any other office or position requiring peculiar or exceptional qualifications.  Any person who shall have served this City with fidelity for at least one (1) year next preceding the taking effect of this Charter may be retained in the same or similar position without examination.  Except as herein provided, the Civil Service Commission shall determine the practicability of competitive examination for any non-elective office or employment in the service of the City.
(11-4-97; Amended 11-7-00.)