(a)    The Police Chief, Police Lieutenants, Fire Chief and Assistant Fire Chief shall receive the same uniform allowance, and safety forces stipends, as that given to the members of the respective bargaining units.
   (b)    Part-time Police and Dispatchers. Four hundred dollars ($400.00) annually.
   (c)   Part-time Firefighters. Part-time firefighters will be issued uniforms by the Division.
   (d)    Termination of Employee. If a member's employment is terminated for any reason except reduction in force or retirement, during a calendar year for which he/she has received the aforesaid uniform allowance, he/she shall reimburse the City for a percentage of the allowance determined by dividing fifty-two (52) weeks remaining in the calendar year after his/her employment is terminated. Reimbursement and repayment shall be accomplished through payroll deductions to the extent possible.
   (e)   Multiple Allowances Prohibited. No employee shall draw two uniform allowances from the same department in any one fiscal year.
   (f)    Non-Union Employees. Uniforms shall be provided to non-union employees at the discretion of the Department Director.
   (g)    Shoe Allowance. An annual shoe allowance of one hundred twenty-five dollars ($125.00) will also be provided to those employees who perform field work. Additional uniform clothing items may be provided to other employees at the discretion of the Mayor or the Mayor's designee.  (Ord. 2019-085.  Passed 6-24-19.)