Any elected or appointed municipal officers, deputy or assistant or any employee of the City may attend, at the expense of the City, any conference or convention relating to municipal affairs, if authorized by the Mayor and the Department Director and if the Finance Director of the City certifies that funds are appropriated and available for such purpose. Such personnel shall be reimbursed for meals, lodging at the conference designated hotel and any related expenses such as parking, tolls, taxi and tips. In the event that no hotel is designated by the conference, the maximum lodging rate shall be the IRS allowed rate per diem, unless a different rate for that conference is approved by the Mayor and the Department Director. Receipts for all such items including meals and lodging must be kept and presented to the Finance Director before such reimbursements can take place. Meals shall be reimbursed at the IRS allowed rate per diem.  A request for such allowance shall be made in writing to the Department Director, showing the necessity for such attendance and an estimate of the costs thereof to the City.  (Ord. 2019-085.  Passed 6-24-19.)