1321.99  PENALTIES.
   (a)    The Architectural Board of Review shall review alleged violations of any previously approved project and, if found justified, recommend sanctions and/or fines set forth in this regulation.
   (b)    Any unapproved change in exterior design, construction, or color of the structure shall require a re-submittal of corrected plans prior to construction. Approval shall be at the discretion of the Architectural Board of Review.
   (c)    Any builder, property owner or resident found to be in violation of any previously approved project will be required to correct the violation by a specific date or may be assessed a fine of five hundred dollars ($500.00). If the owner is not responsive and the violation is not corrected by the specified date, a second notice will be sent to the owner advising that failure to correct the situation within thirty days will result in a fine of an additional one thousand dollars ($1,000.00). Should the owner/builder not pay said fine, the fine may be assed against the property.  (Ord.  2019-192.  Passed 1-27-20.)