(a)     The City's athletic facilities shall not be made available for use by any sports teams or associations except those actually sponsored and operated by the division of Parks and Recreation and/or by the Aurora City Schools without the prior written consent of the Director of Parks and Recreation and the prior agreement on the part of such interested teams or associations to hold the City harmless from any and all liabilities arising in connection with such usage and to compensate the City as set forth hereafter.
   (b)     Approval of the use of such facilities shall be in the sole discretion of the Director.
   (c)     There is hereby imposed an athletic facilities usage fee of ten dollars ($10.00) per participant per season for such approved sports teams or associations to use the City's athletic facilities to compensate the city for all reasonable additional costs and expenses incurred by the City as a result of such activities.  Each team or association shall be responsible for reporting the total number of participants for each activity for each season and for submitting the per participant fee to the Director.
   (d)     The City shall be responsible to prepare the respective facility for game use.
   (e)     The athletic facilities usage fee may be adjusted from time to time by Council upon the recommendation of the Recreation Advisory Committee.
(Ord. 2016-017.  Passed 3-28-16.)