(a)   On a corner lot, the required front setback shall be required for all yards abutting rights-of-way.
   (b)   No more than one principal building shall be permitted on any one lot except as approved in a site plan for development in a commercial district, industrial district, or for a public or institutional use in a residential district.
   (c)   Every principal building shall be located on a lot with frontage on a public road right-of-way, a private road or within a common access drive subdivision per Section 1109.08 .
   (d)   When a building is proposed to be constructed on two or more adjacent recorded lots or tracts of land, such lots shall be combined and the new legal description for a single combined lot shall be recorded to ensure that the building, required yards, parking, and other requirements, are provided on one lot.
(Ord. 2009-156.  Passed 12-14-09.)