(a)   Except as otherwise provided in this Code, accessory structures in commercial districts and in industrial districts shall comply with the setbacks required for principal structures.
   (b)   An accessory building attached to a principal building shall comply with all height and setback requirements applicable to the principal building.
   (c)   In a residential district, an accessory building which is not attached to a principal building shall be located at least fifteen (15) feet from the principal building.  An accessory building shall only be constructed in the rear yard and shall be constructed at least ten (10) feet from the rear lot line and at least ten (10) feet from the side lot line.  In the R-5 district, accessory buildings may be constructed in accordance with the side and rear yard setbacks for principal buildings in the R-5 district.  On a corner lot, an accessory building shall conform to the required setbacks for the principal building on both frontages.
   (d)   This section shall not apply to detached garages utilized as accessory buildings for the purpose of storing vehicles.  Detached garages constructed for the purpose of housing vehicles may be located in side yards, subject to conformance with front, side and rear yard setback requirements for principal buildings.
(Ord.  2009-156.  Passed 12-14-09.)