115.01  PROCEDURE.
   (a)   The City may dispose of personal property which is not needed for public use or is obsolete or unfit for the use for which it was acquired, by internet auction.
   (b)   The Department Head or Division Director having responsibility for said personal property shall determine whether the item is of such character and/or value that it would be more beneficial to the City to place the item for sale via internet auction.
   (c)   Bidding shall be open for a minimum of fifteen days and the City shall determine who will conduct the auction and establish the general terms and conditions of sale on a case by case basis.
   (d)   Upon adoption of this legislation, the Clerk shall publish in a newspaper of general circulation in the City of Aurora, notice of its intent to sell unneeded, obsolete or unfit municipal property by internet auction.  The notice shall include a summary of the information contained herein and shall be published at least twice.  A similar notice shall be posted continually throughout the calendar year in a conspicuous place at City Hall and on the City’s website.
   (e)   A list of items to be sold by internet auction will be submitted, from time to time, to Council for approval.  (Ord. 2009-079.  Passed 6-8-09.)