The issuance of a change order can be a field decision that must be made within a relatively short time period so as not to disrupt the progress of a particular contract.  All change orders must be initiated through the Department or Division overseeing the completion of the contract or from which the contract originated.  The change order can be prepared by an engineering firm engaged to oversee the contract or by the Director who is monitoring the contractual work.  The change order must state precisely the additional work required and the justification for incurring the additional work.  The change order must be signed by the Director involved in the contract (as well as the engineering firm overseeing the contract, if applicable) and forwarded to the Mayor for approval and notification of the Council President.  Two (2) approval signatures are required to implement the change order from any of the three (3) following individuals:  Mayor, Finance Director, or Assistant Finance Director.
(Ord. 2008-216.  Passed 12-15-08.)