(a)    Pursuant to procedures established by the Director, a contractor’s registration may be revoked if:
      (1)   The holder obtained the registration by fraud, misrepresentation, or deceit;
      (2)   Any of the underlying requirements to obtain the registration have expired or no longer are in effect;
      (3)   The holder uses his registration to obtain a permit for another or allows another contractor to work under his registration;
      (4)   The holder fails to secure required permits, inspections, or approvals before proceeding with work;
      (5)   The holder engages in willful, repeated, or deliberate disregard for, and/or violation of, the building codes;
      (6)   Other just cause as established by the Director.
   (b)   The revocation shall have the effect of cancelling the contractor’s right to work in the City for one calendar year from the date of revocation.
   (c)    Any person issued a notice of revocation has the right to appeal to the Building Code Board of Appeals by filing a Request for Appeal Hearing within 30 days of the date of issuance of the notice.  An appeal shall stay implementation of the notice until the Board has ruled.  (Ord. 2005-175.  Passed 12-19-05.)