The following exemptions shall apply to this Chapter, with the effect that registration is not required of the following:
   (a)    Any homeowner doing work on his own principal place of residence provided that such work be done only with the assistance of members of his family or household, and provided further that all necessary permits are obtained as required by City ordinance;
   (b)    Any person, firm, or corporation that contributes without compensation any services, materials, and/or labor to, or on behalf of, charitable, religious, or nonprofit organizations;
   (c)    Any employee of any public utility organization that engages in the installation, repair, or maintenance of any device or appliance forming part of the equipment for generation, transmission, or distribution of any commodity or service which such public utility organization is authorized by law to furnish or provide.
      (Ord. 2005-175.  Passed 12-19-05.)