(a)   Minor site plans shall be submitted for the following types of minor site developments.
      (1)   The construction of new one-, two-, or three-family dwellings, or additions thereto, provided that each such dwelling is constructed on an individual lot.
      (2)   Accessory structures other than buildings or signs, except accessory buildings having a floor area of two hundred (200) square feet or more;
      (3)   Expansion of a parking lot as provided in Section 1163.02(b) of the Zoning Code;
      (4)   The installation of additional fences, walls, or landscaping designed to buffer or protect abutting properties from impacts, unless the Planning and Zoning Director determines that such improvements should be reviewed by the Planning Commission.
      (5)   In the C1, C2, C3, I1, T1, and O1 zoning districts, expansion of an existing building by an additional floor area of less than one thousand (1000) square feet and by less than ten percent (10%) of the existing building floor area. The procedure for application, review, and approval of a minor site development plans shall be as follows:
   (b)   Preliminary Site Plan.
      (1)   Submittal and Technical Reviews.  A preliminary site plan, or, at the option of the applicant, a plan containing all information required for both a preliminary and a final site plan,  shall be submitted to the Director of Planning who shall coordinate review, including distribution to other City Staff as appropriate.  The Director shall advise the applicant of amendments, deficiencies, or additional information necessary to prepare the final site plan or to obtain approval of the final site plan.
      (2)   Landmarks.  When an application proposes modifications to a structure known or believed to be older than fifty (50) years or which is landmarked or is located in a landmark district, the Director shall transmit a copy of the application to theLandmark Commission.  The Landmark Commission shall advise the Director of the historic status of the structure and of any issues which should be considered in the site plan review process.  The Director may require that the final site plan be reviewed by the Planning Commission.
   (c)   Final Site Plan.
      (1)   Submittal and Technical Review.  Subsequent to review of the preliminary site plan, the applicant shall submit a final site plan to the Planning and Zoning Director.  The Director shall distribute the final site plan application to appropriate City Staff for review and comment. The Director shall review the application for completeness and shall advise the applicant of any amendments, deficiencies, or additional information necessary to obtain approval of the final site plan.
      (2)   Approval, Denial, Appeal.  The Director shall, after determination that an application is complete, issue zoning approval.  If the Director determines that an application is incomplete, deficient, or otherwise not in compliance with the these Regulations or with the Zoning Code, he shall deny approval of the site plan in writing, stating the cause for denial, and shall deliver the written denial to the applicant.
            Within ten (10) days after receipt of the written denial of approval, the applicant may submit written appeal to the Planning Commission who shall take action on the application as for a major site development application.
(Ord. 2004-013.  Passed 3-22-04.)