(a)   Fees.  In addition to any other fee or fees prescribed in the Codified Ordinances, every person constructing any new dwelling unit, as defined in the Zoning Code, in the City shall pay to the City impact fees for park, playground; recreation and other public facilities as follows:
      (1)   $978.00 for each dwelling unit.
         (Ord.  2018-155.  Passed 12-17-18.)
      (2)    Fees will be adjusted each year on March 1, according to CPI index of 12/31 of the previous year.
   (b)   Payment of Fees.  Such fees shall be due and payable after an application for a building permit to the City for the construction of any such dwelling unit, set forth above, has been approved, and before the approved permit is issued. In the event any building permit is returned to the City without the construction provided for in such permit having been initiated, such portion of the fee paid to the City relating to the construction not initiated shall be refunded.
   (c)   Prior Agreements.  A person or applicant who reached agreement under the provisions of this section during 1990-91 or earlier, shall be excluded from impact fee payment under this section. However, additions to the dedicated units shall be charged under the provisions of this section.  (Ord. 2004-013.  Passed 3-22-04; Ord.  2020-145.  Passed 11-9-20.)