(a)   All topographic site plans submitted for the purpose of obtaining a building permit for residential building construction shall be reviewed for appropriateness by the City Engineer.  A cash deposit in the amount of ten thousand dollars ($10,000) is required for all topographic site plans.  This amount shall be deposited with the City following the City Engineer’s issuance of topographic site plan for construction and prior to the issuance of a building permit.
   (b)   As a requirement of construction, the building permit holder shall provide verification of the footer subgrade elevation to the Resident Building Official.  This verification shall be provided by a surveyor licensed to practice in the State of Ohio and will be necessary prior to the building permit holder proceeding beyond this point in construction.  The verification shall be accompanied by a certification statement and shall be stamped by the surveyor.  The Director of Planning, Zoning and Building shall determine whether the submitted elevation is within an established tolerance determined by the City.  If the elevation is within the tolerance, the Director of Planning, Zoning and Building shall notify the permit holder that construction work can continue.  If the elevation is out of tolerance the subgrade elevation shall be re- established according to the City issued topographic site plan.  No construction work beyond the subgrade can continue until the certified elevation is within tolerance.
   (c)   Upon finished grade being established at the site, the building permit holder, through a surveyor licensed to practice in Ohio, shall certify to the City Engineer that the construction and site improvement have been built per the City issued topographic site plan.  The completed “as-built” topographic site plan shall be as described in subsection (d) below and shall be submitted to the City Engineer to begin the final grade inspection process.
   (d)   Record (As-Built) Topographic Site Plan.  Record (as-built) measurements to be obtained shall include, but not necessarily be limited to the following:
      (1)   The location of any dwelling, and any “out” buildings on the lot.  Obtain front and side yard set-back dimensions;
      (2)   Perimeter dimensions of the dwelling and any “out” buildings;
      (3)   Finished first floor and garage floor elevations of the dwelling;
      (4)   Finished grade elevation at the corners of the dwelling;
      (5)   Finished grade elevation of the driveway, parking areas and sidewalk (in right-of-way only);
      (6)   Location and pipe material of all new drainage facilities such as manholes; inlet basins; piping; head walls; retaining walls; yard drains; cleanouts; water shut off valves, etc;
      (7)   Centerline and invert elevation of all new drainage ditches and swales;
      (8)   Finished grade elevation at the property lines opposite to the corners of the dwelling;
      (9)   Finished grade elevation at a sufficient number of points to define the change in grade from the condition which existed prior to construction and to confirm that the approved grading scheme has been established;
      (10)   Location of all facilities at or above grade which pertain to an on-site sanitary sewage system, such as manholes; tanks, splitter or distribution boxes; vents; etc.;
      (11)   Location of any water well casing;
      (12)   Location of any swimming pool or pond;
      (13)   Location of all perimeter fences;
      (14)   Confirmation that survey monuments have been set at all property corners; and
      (15)   A description of the bench mark used to obtain the “as-built” elevations.  The following certification is to be included on the “as-built” submittal:
“I hereby certify that I have made the survey of record (as-built) measurements shown hereon and that the information shown is a true representation of the conditions which existed at the time of said survey”.
The surveyor is to sign, seal and date the revised topographical plan and include his/her registration number.
   (e)   The City shall perform final grade inspection upon receipt of the as-built topographic site plan.  If the inspection reveals that the site does not satisfy the final grade requirements, the City shall notify the permit holder of deficiencies identified during the inspection.  Following notification by the permit holder, the City shall perform re-inspection of previously deficient final grade.  If all deficiencies are not corrected and/or the if City identifies new items during the re-inspection, the City shall notify the permit holder.  Each re-inspection conducted by the City shall carry fees as specified in Section 1110.06.   If the site is determined to meet the requirements for the final grade, the requirements were met within the 6-month period following issuance of the building occupancy permit, and no violations exist, the cash deposit for the site, minus any fees, shall be refunded.
   (f)   Whenever the City determines it to be appropriate either during construction or after its completion, the City may examine a construction site for which the topography site plan has been submitted, to insure no violations beyond the established tolerances exist.
(Ord.  2017-178.  Passed 1-22-18.)