No person, firm, corporation or association of persons shall construct any driveway, private road or other form of access to existing roads or streets within the City, except in compliance with the following regulations:
   (a)    Whenever any such driveway, private road or other form of access is constructed to connect to any existing road or street within the City there shall be provided as a part of such construction suitable drainage facilities by means of approved engineered materials for culverts meeting AASHTO (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials) and/or ASTM (American Society of Testing Materials) standards, which facilities shall first be approved by the Department of Public Service before installation thereof.
   (b)    Such drainage pipe shall be of a minimum size of ten inches in diameter, shall be installed in the existing road ditch, at approximately the center line thereof, and along such center line under and across the entire width of such driveway, private road or other form of access, and shall extend a distance of at least one foot beyond each side of such access facility;
   (c)    The flow line of such drainage facility shall correspond to the existing flow line of such ditch and the grade thereof shall be such as is determined by the City Engineer or the Department of Public Service.
   (d)    The Department of Public Service is further authorized to require the installation of drainage facility pipe in excess of ten inches in diameter in any case where in its judgment such additional capacity is necessary in order to provide adequate and suitable drainage.
      (Ord. 2003-202.  Passed 2-23-04.)