(a)   The duties of the Architectural Board of Review shall be to examine all plans, drawings and specifications submitted to the Building Official for constructing, altering, repairing, moving or demolishing any building or structure within the City. Architectural Board of Review shall also determine whether such proposed work is of such design or material that it will result in a substantial impairment or degradation of value in neighboring real estate, and whether the use of such proposed design, material and location, or substantially similar ones, are reasonably necessary to the development of the property involved, and to approve, disapprove or recommend modification of plans, drawings and specifications accordingly. The concurrence of the majority of the members of the Board shall be necessary for any decision by such Board. Applications within Mixed-Use Districts are exempt from Architectural Board of Review and shall have separate design standards and review process pursuant to Chapter 1177
   (b)   Whenever, in considering any application for a permit to construct, alter, repair, move or make addition to any building or structure within the City, the Board finds that in its consideration such proposed construction, erection, alteration, addition or other proposed work would be of such design, material or location that it would result in substantial impairment or degradation in value in neighboring real property in the City, or should not be in conformity to the established development of the area in which the same is proposed to be constructed or performed, or would be detrimental to the future growth and development of such area, or detrimental to the general welfare of the City and the inhabitants thereof, and further finds that the use of the particular design, material or location proposed, or substantially similar ones, is not reasonably essential to the development of the property upon which such construction, erection, alteration, addition or other work is proposed to be performed, the Board shall disapprove such plans and specifications and no permit therefor shall be issued until such plans and specifications have been modified or amended so as to remove such objections.
   (c)   The Architectural Board of Review shall, from time to time, promulgate, amend, adopt and publish standards for use in enforcing and administering its duties.  The standards shall be approved by City Council prior to the adoption by the Architectural Board of Review, provided, however, should individual items within those submitted standards be objectionable to Council, the remaining standards are to be approved. Items deemed objectionable shall be modified until both parties are in agreement and the standards revised accordingly.
(Ord. 2019-192.  Passed 1-27-20.)