(a)   The Mayor shall fix the date and time for the first meeting each year, at which the Architectural Board of Review shall organize and elect a Chairman and a Vice Chairman from among the five electors, for a term of one year. The Secretary shall be a staff member from the Department of Planning, Building and Zoning. 
   (b)   The Board shall establish and adopt its own rules of procedure not inconsistent with the Charter and ordinances of the City, except that all meetings shall be held at the City Hall and be open to the public and further that a record of its resolutions, findings and determinations shall be maintained by its Secretary. If the Board fails to establish a regular schedule of meetings, then meetings shall be called by the Chairman or Secretary and written notice of such meeting shall be given not less than twenty-four hours prior thereto, by delivering such notice at the regular place of residence of each member.
(Ord. 2019-192.  Passed 1-27-20.)