1305.01  ADOPTION.
   (a)   Pursuant to Ohio Revised Code 731.231, there is hereby adopted by the City of Aurora, the Ohio Building Code (OBC), as adopted by the Ohio Board of Building Standards, Department of Industrial Compliance, effective July 1, 2002, and as published in the Ohio Administrative Code 4101:1-1 to 4101:1-35.
   (b)   Rules and regulations governing the construction, alteration, removal, demolition, equipment, use and occupancy, location and maintenance of structures other than one and two family dwellings, together with accessory buildings thereto, shall be the applicable sections and parts of sections of the Ohio Revised Code and other provisions of Ohio Law, including the Ohio Building Code, authorized and promulgated by the Ohio Board of Building Standards pursuant to Chapters 119, 3781 and 3791 of the Ohio Revised Code, together with all amendments thereto hereafter promulgated; and such other building regulations of the Ohio Board of Building Standards and such rules and regulations as are adopted in furtherance of and as additional requirements to the Ohio Building Code, all of which shall, when properly promulgated, become a portion of the Building Code of Aurora. 
(Ord. 2003-058.  Passed 6-9-03.)