(a)   Landscape Plans Required. Landscape plans shall be prepared by the applicant and submitted to the City for review and approval as elements of the following applications and as otherwise provided in these Regulations:
      (1)   Major subdivision plat.  See Chapter 1105: Subdivision Procedures and Chapter 1107: Subdivision Documents.
      (2)   Major site plan.  See Chapter 1111: Site Developments.
      (3)   Minor site plan, except minor site plan for the construction of or addition to a new one-, two-, or three- family dwelling constructed on an individual lot.  See Chapter 1111: Site Developments.
   (b)   Review of Landscape Plans.  Landscape plans shall be concurrently submitted, reviewed, and action taken as provided for major subdivisions in Chapter 1105 and as provided for site plans in Chapter 1111.
   (c)   Content of Landscape Plans.  The required content of landscape plans is not required to be presented in a separate plan or drawing, but may be illustrated together with other information on the drawings required for a particular application or plan, except that the City may require that the landscape plan be prepared as a separate drawing where necessary.The contents of the landscape plan shall include the following:
      (1)   Plot plan, drawn to an easily readable scale no smaller than one inch  equals twenty feet; showing and labeling by name and dimensions, all existing and proposed property lines; easements, buildings and other structures, vehicular use areas including parking stalls, driveways, service areas, square footage, etc. locations of structures on adjoining parcels (if within 50 feet of the property line), water outlets and landscape material, including botanical name and common names of all plants, installation size, on-center planting dimensions where applicable, and quantities for all plants used and all existing trees;
      (2)   Typical elevations and/or cross sections as may be required;
      (3)   Title block with the pertinent names and addresses, property owner,  person drawing plan, scale, date, north arrow, generally orient plan so that north is on top of plan and zoning district.
      (4)   Tree preservation/removal information as required by Section 1115.06.
         (Ord. 2004-013.  Passed 3-22-04.)