(a)    For purposes of this chapter, "public notice" shall mean publication in a newspaper of general circulation as described in Ohio R.C. 7.12. 
   (b)    Pursuant to 47 C.F.R. Section 76.935, the Staff shall, within a reasonable time of, but in any case within the twenty-one days after receiving the cable operator's Form 393 and any related material, issue a public notice stating that it has received this information.
   (c)    The notice will provide the address of the City or Staff office where the operator's Form 393 and any related material will be available for public viewing within specified times. The notice will also provide the address and telephone number of the cable operator. The cable operator is required to provide interested parties, upon request, with copies of the Form 393 and any related materials filed with the Staff.
   (d)    After the Staff issues the public notice described in subsections (a) through (c) hereof, interested parties will have five business days to file written comments with the Staff. There is no prescribed format for these comments.
(Ord. 94-30. Passed 3-30-94.)