(a)    Every residential, commercial and/or industrial unit shall display a street address number, assigned by the Service Department, posted near or on the entrance door facing the street with numerals at least three inches in height on a contrasting background so as to be clearly visible from the street.
   (b)    In addition to the street address numbers near or on the front entrance door, every building unit located more than seventy-five feet from the street shall also display a set of clearly visible street address numbers near the driveway entrance to the building unit.
   (c)    In the event of special circumstances due to the location of the building unit, entrance or driveway, the Fire Chief shall determine where the street address numbers shall be displayed to facilitate ready location of the building unit.
   (d)    In the event script numbers are used, an additional set of block-type Arabic numerals must appear in a conspicuous place.
(Ord. 1972-788. Passed 11-13-72.)