(a)    City Hall and all other buildings and/or vehicles, owned and/or controlled by the City which are open to the public, are hereby declared to be entirely "smoke-free" areas, in which no smoking of any sort shall occur, except in those areas determined by the Mayor as designated smoking areas.
   (b)    The City Administration is directed to post appropriate notices in all City owned and/or controlled facilities which are open to the public, notifying anyone using these facilities of this policy.
   (c)    The City Administration is also directed to notify all City employees of this change in policy as soon as possible.
   (d)    Council also declares that effective April 1, 1993, violation of this policy, that is that there shall be no smoking of any sort in City owned and/or controlled facility or vehicle open to the public, shall subject the offending employee to disciplinary action.
      (1)    First offense - A letter of reprimand would be placed in their personnel file.
      (2)    Second offense - A day off without pay.
      (3)    Third and subsequent offenses if any - To be determined by the Department Head and/or Mayor.
         (Ord. 1993-2. Passed 2-24-93.)