The Clerk-Treasurer shall require each applicant to fill out a verified application blank which shall contain:
   (A)   Name of applicant (individual, firm, limited liability company or corporation); officers of the corporation or limited liability company; state of incorporation of organization.
   (B)   Permanent address.
   (C)   Local address, if any.
   (D)   Date and place of birth (if a limited liability company or corporation - the date authorized and qualified to conduct business in the State of Indiana).
   (E)   Merchandise or product to be sold and a detailed inventory and description of such goods, wares and merchandise to be sold and representations to be made in connection therewith.
   (F)   Employer and address of employer.
   (G)   Immediate supervisor and his or her permanent address.
   (H)   Length of time and location of proposed place of business.
   (I)   Attached to the application shall be a receipt showing that personal property taxes on the goods, wares and merchandise have been paid.
('74 Code, § 7-9) (Ord. 63-12, passed - -63; Am. Ord. 2005-18, passed 12-19-05)