(A)   Each and every tree standing within the corporate limits of the city shall be carefully trimmed so that no branch or limb thereof shall be lower than ten feet from any part of any street under such. Each tree in the city shall be trimmed so that no branch or limb shall extend toward the center of any street from the curb line more than ten feet.
   (B)   It shall be unlawful for the owner, occupant or agent of any real estate within the corporate limits of the city to permit any tree standing upon such real estate to remain untrimmed.
('74 Code, § 13-6)
   (C)   All trimming as set forth in divisions (A) and (B) shall be done to the satisfaction of the street commissioner who shall in all cases where the property owners neglect or refuse to trim such trees cause such to be done after five days notice to such owner, occupant or agent. The expenses therefor shall be charged to such property owner and collected the same according to law. ('74 Code, § 13-7)
   (D)   Electric linemen shall have the right and privilege of cutting off and removing any other limbs or branches than those mentioned in divisions (A) and (B) when actually necessary for the proper lighting of the city. The question of such necessity shall be determined by the Street Commissioner of the city and such cutting and removal shall be only as he may direct.
('74 Code, § 13-8) Penalty, see § 95.99