Purpose, Authority, And General Provisions   17.04
Area Of City Impact   17.07
Definitions   17.08
Planning And Zoning Commission; Zoning Administrator   17.12
Administrative Procedures   17.16
Permit Procedures   17.16A
Appeals And Variances   17.16B
Hearing Procedure   17.16C
Enforcement   17.16D
Amendments   17.16E
Vacation Of Plats   17.16F
Conditional Uses   17.16G
Establishment Of Zoning Districts   17.20
Lower Density Residential Zoning District   17.24
Higher Density Residential Zoning District   17.28
Highway Commercial Zoning District   17.32
Community Core Zoning District   17.36
Industrial Zoning District   17.40
Additional Requirements For Zoning Districts   17.44
General Performance Standards   17.48
Performance Standards For Maintaining Agricultural Resources And The Farm Economy   17.48A
Performance Standards For Assuring Land Use Compatibility   17.48B
Performance Standards Assuring Provision Of Adequate Public Facilities And Services   17.48C
Additional Performance Standards For Large Scale Development   17.48D
Additional Performance Standards For Subdivisions And Mobile Home Parks   17.48E
Platting Lot Splits And Subdivisions   17.52
Preliminary Plats   17.52A
Final Plats   17.52B
Plat Amendments   17.52C
Design And Construction Of Streets   17.56
Street Design   17.56A
Intersection Design   17.56B
Additional Standards   17.56C
Detailed Performance Standards For Off Street Parking And Loading   17.60
Home Businesses   17.64
Required Improvements; Installation And Maintenance   17.68
Abatement Of Existing Nuisances   17.72
Sign Code   17.76