(a)   There is hereby created the Fair Housing Board to consist of five members who are qualified electors of the City and shall not hold any public office at the municipal, county, state or federal level at any time while a member of the Board. Any duly appointed Board member who is running for any public office shall be automatically disqualified from further membership of the Board. The day the Board member files petitions with the County Board of Elections shall be the date of the disqualification.
   (b)   The Board members shall be appointed by the City Manager. Of the members first appointed, two shall hold office for a term of one year; two for a term of two years; and the other for a term of three years; and their successors shall be appointed for terms of three years. The City Manager shall fill all vacancies by appointment for the remainder of the unexpired term. A Board member whose term has expired shall be eligible for re-appointment to the Board. The City Manager shall be an ex-officio member of the Board. After being duly constituted, a chairman or vice chairman shall be chosen by a majority vote of the Board.
   (c)   The executive secretary of the Board shall be appointed by the City Manager and shall be an employee of the City.
   (d)   The City Manager may recommend the removal of any member of the Board for neglect of duty or malfeasance in office to Council. Council may remove a member of the Board from office by an affirmative vote of at least four members of Council only after having first given to such member a written copy of the charges against him and an opportunity to be publicly heard in person or by counsel in his own defense; and any such removal shall be final.
   (e)   Three members of the Board shall constitute a quorum for the purpose of conducting the business thereof. A vacancy on the Board shall not impair the right of the other members to exercise all the power of the Board.
   (f)   Each member of the Board shall serve without salary, with the exception of the executive secretary, but shall be paid necessary and actual expenses in performing the business of the Board.
   (g)   The Board is charged with the following duties to implement the stated policy of this chapter:
      (1)   To investigate all complaints of unlawful housing practices which are filed with it;
      (2)   To initiate complaints of unlawful housing practices on the basis of auditing or testing carried out by its staff or volunteers authorized by the Board;
      (3)   To endeavor by conciliation, to resolve such complaints;
      (4)   To hold hearings, subpoena witnesses, compel their attendance, administer oaths, take the testimony of any person under oath and, in connection therewith, to require the production for examination of any books or papers relating to any matter under investigation or in question before the Board;
      (5)   To render at least once a year to the City Manager and to Council a full written report of all its activities and recommendations;
      (6)   To recommend to the City Manager, when it deems necessary, educational and other programs designed to promote the purpose stated in this chapter;
      (7)   To adopt rules and procedures for the conduct of its business; and
      (8)   To do such other acts that are necessary and proper in order to perform those duties with which it is charged under the terms of this chapter.
         (Ord. 1990-110. Passed 4-30-90.)