(a)   There is hereby established a traffic-control file which shall list in chart form all types of traffic-control designations specified below and as otherwise may be provided by Council:
      (1)   Traffic control devices.
      (2)   Through streets and State routes.
      (3)   One-way streets and alleys.
      (4)   Stop intersections.
      (5)   Yield right-of-way intersections.
      (6)   Commercial and passenger loading zones.
      (7)   Prohibited and limited parking areas.
      (8)   Angle parking areas.
      (9)   Prohibited and restricted turns.
   (b)   The File shall contain:
      (1)   An adequate description of the street or area affected.
      (2)   Authorizing ordinance number and effective date.
      (3)   Date when official signs, signals or markings were erected or placed in proper position.
         (1980 Code 70.25, 70.26)