(a)   The PCD shall review the construction drawings, final plans, and other similar documents for compliance with an approved COA, any conditions attached thereto, and any approved or required modifications thereof.
   (b)   If it is determined that a deviation from an approved COA is planned or constructed, a stop work order shall be issued by the PCD.
   (c)   The PCD and the Chairperson of the AHPC together shall determine the impact of the modification with regard to the intent of an approved COA. Such determination shall be made within seventy-two (72) hours following the issuance of a stop work order, if possible.
   (d)   Any modification may be approved administratively and the stop work order lifted if the PCD and the Chairperson determine that it is a minor modification to the approved COA.
   (e)   Any modification that is determined to be a major modification or that does not satisfy the intent of the approved COA will require a new application for a COA. The stop work order shall not be lifted until the new application has been heard and approved by the AHPC.
(Ord.  2019-91.  Passed 8-5-19.)