In considering the designation of any building, accessory structure, structure, site, work of art or object as a "landmark" or any area which contains within definable geographic boundaries, buildings, structures or sites of historic architectural or archaeological significance as a 'historic district", the Ashtabula Historic Preservation Commission appointed pursuant to Chapter 167, hereafter referred to as the AHPC, shall apply the following criteria:
   (a)   The character, interest or value of the area, property, or site as part of the development, heritage or cultural characteristics of the city, state, or nation;
   (b)   The location as a site of a significant historic event;
   (c)   The identification with a person or persons significant in our past;
   (d)   The exemplification by the area, property, or site of the cultural, economic or social heritage of the city, state, or nation;
   (e)   The portrayal of a group of people in an era of history, characterized by a distinctive architectural style;
   (f)   The embodiment of distinguishing characteristics of a building type or architectural style;
   (g)   The embodiment of elements of architectural design, detail, materials or craftsmanship, which represent architecture of significant character;
   (h)   The identification as the work of an architect or master builder whose work has influenced the city, state, or nation;
   (i)   The potential to yield information important in prehistory or history; and
   (j)   A unique location or singular physical characteristic representing an established and familiar visual feature of a neighborhood or of the City.
      (Ord.  2019-91.  Passed 8-5-19.)