(a)   Members shall serve without compensation. With the prior approval of Council, any expense incurred by the Commission or the members thereof in the performance of their duties shall be paid from the Municipal Treasury.
   (b)   Terms of Office. Length of appointments to the AHPC shall be two years with staggered terms and with no limits on the number of consecutive appointments. In the first year, two City Council appointees and one City Manager's appointee shall serve a one year term; thereafter, all appointees shall serve two year terms.
   (c)   Meetings.
      (1)   Meetings shall be held monthly, advertised in advance, held in an accessible public place and open to the public.
      (2)   A majority of the then-serving membership shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. A majority of a quorum shall be required to approve any action.
   (d)   Officers.
      (1)   Each January, the AHPC shall elect a chairperson and recording secretary by a majority vote of the members.
      (2)   Duties of the AHPC Chairperson shall consist of preparing the agenda for each meeting; determining the time, place and frequency of meetings and ensuring that all meetings comply with the requirements of Ohio's Open Meeting Laws, Ohio R.C. 121.22 et seq.
      (3)   Duties of the AHPC Recording Secretary shall consist of:
         A.   Taking and maintaining complete files containing all applications granted or denied and written minutes of all meetings which shall be available for public inspection; and
         B.   Preparing a written annual report of the AHPC activities, cases, decisions, special projects, etc. to be submitted to the Division of Planning & Community Development and City Council.
   (e)   Procedures.
      (1)   The AHPC shall adopt rules of procedure for its meetings and governing its votes. In the absence of the adoption of different rules of procedure, the AHPC shall generally follow Robert's Rules of Order in conducting its meetings.
      (2)   Members of the AHPC shall be governed by rules and guidance promulgated by the Ohio Ethics Commission in determining whether a member has or may have a conflict of interest which would require such member to abstain from discussions or votes on a particular application.
      (3)   Careful minutes shall be taken of all actions and decisions of the AHPC, including the reasons for such decisions, which shall be kept on file and available for inspection by the public.
      (4)   Applicants shall be notified in writing of the decision of the AHPC relative to their application within 14 days of the date of the decision.
      (5)   Copies of the written procedures of the AHPC shall be made available to the public upon request. 
         (Ord.  2019-88.  Passed 8-5-19.)