(a)    Placement of Donation Bins:
      (1)    Donation bins shall not be placed in any location that may constitute a traffic line-of-sight obstruction or other traffic safety hazard.
      (2)    Donation bins shall be placed in locations that do not interfere with vehicular or pedestrian travel.
      (3)    Donation bins shall be placed at least 50 feet from the nearest right-of-way line of a State highway or any street or road with more than two (2) lanes. Bins shall be placed at least 10 feet from the nearest right-of-way line of any other City Street.
      (4)    Donation bins may only be placed on private property. No bin shall be placed on any City property or within the dedicated right-of-way of any City street, alley, or sidewalk without approval of a majority of City Council.
      (5)    Donation bins located in the Historic Harbor District must be placed and maintained in accordance with any requirements imposed by the Architectural Restoration & Revue Board.
   (b)    Maintenance:
      (1)   The permit holder must maintain the donation bin and the area around it in a clean and sanitary condition, and must not allow rubbish or other waste to be deposited on or near the bin.
      (2)   Donation bins shall be in good condition, free of rust, covered with intact paint or other coating.
         (Ord. 2015-113. Passed 10-19-15.)