(a)    A building under active construction, reconstruction or renovation and having a valid building permit(s) at the time of initial inspection shall be exempt from registration until the expiration of the longest running, currently active building permit.
   (b)    A building which has suffered fire damage or damage caused by extreme weather conditions shall be exempt from the registration requirement for a period of 90 days after the date of the fire or extreme weather event if the property owner submits a request for exemption in writing to the Division of Planning and Community Development. This request shall include the names and addresses of the owner or owners, and a statement of intent to repair and reoccupy the building in an expedient manner, or the intent to demolish the building. One extension of not more than 90 days’ duration may be granted for good cause shown.
   (c)    A building that is for sale and listed with a licensed State of Ohio Realtor shall be exempted for a period of 12 months from the start of vacancy, provided that the owner submits proof to the Division of such listing and for sale status.
   (d)    A building that has been granted an exemption pursuant to the following: Any owner of a vacant building may voluntarily register the same and request an exemption from the remaining provisions of this chapter by filing a written application with the Director of Planning and Community Development, who shall timely consider same. In determining whether a request for exemption should be granted, the Director shall consider the following: the applicant's prior record as it pertains to City Housing Code, Building Code, or Property Maintenance Code violations; the amount of vacant property the applicant currently has within the City; the length of time that the building for which the exception is sought has been vacant; the reason or reasons for the vacancy; and the difficulty or expense involved in any necessary remediation or demolition. No exemption from registration shall be granted unless the owner or representative first completes a vacant building plan under Section 1369.02 (c) and addresses any and all existing code violations. An owner who believes he or she is being denied an exemption for arbitrary or capricious reasons may file an appeal of such denial within ten days with the Housing Appeals Board, which may sustain, overturn or modify the action of the Director.
(Ord. 2013-44. Passed 3-18-13.)