The owner of a vacant building to be demolished shall place in escrow with the City a deposit of $10,000 for a residential building, $25,000 for a commercial building under 5000 square feet in size, or $75,0000 for a commercial building of 5000 square feet or more, unless a fire escrow is being administered by the City Fire Division, in which case the owner shall comply with all requirements and orders of that Division. If the amount to be placed in escrow under this Section cannot be paid in full, the City shall place a lien on the property for the amount specified. The City shall use escrowed funds to complete the plans submitted by the owner in the event that the owner does not comply with the vacant building plan. Escrowed funds may, by prior arrangement, be withdrawn during construction as follows: 20% upon commencement of work; 20% upon completion of half of all work, and the balance (60%) upon completion of all work including debris disposal, backfill and seeding. Unused escrowed funds will be released upon completion of the work or transfer of ownership, provided that all fees have been paid in full. New owners must sign the vacant building plan and accept responsibility in writing for completing the demolition.
(Ord. 2013-44. Passed 3-18-13.)