Pursuant to the authority granted to Council by Charter Section 37, there is established the Division of Planning and Community Development. The duties and authority of the Division shall include:
   (a)    The provision of support and technical assistance to all engineering activities of the City, whether under the direction of a person appointed as City Engineer, or under an engineering firm providing engineering services by contract, as may be required by the City Manager or by ordinance or resolution of Council.
   (b)    The provision of technical planning assistance to members of the City Planning Commission, the City administration and Council.
   (c)    Inspection, licensing, technical assistance, support and enforcement activities reasonably required by any of the following provisions of these Codified Ordinances: Part Seven - Building Regulations; Part Nine - Streets, Utilities & Public Services; Part Eleven - Planning and Zoning Code; and Part Thirteen - Building Code; such authorization includes but is not limited to housing and building inspection and enforcement of housing, building, and sanitation codes in conjunction with the activities of the Board of Health.
   (d)    Application for and administration of grants for the benefit of the City and/or its residents and businesses, including but not limited to Community Housing Improvement Programs, Revolving Loan Funds, Formula Grants and Department of Development Grants.
   (e)    The development and carrying out of all urban renewal and development activities including the executing of all federally assisted programs relative to these including, but not limited to:
      (1)    Urban renewal projects;
      (2)    Demolition grant projects;
      (3)    Code enforcement projects;
      (4)    Urban beautification and open space programs; and
      (5)    Any other similar programs which are or may be undertaken by the City.
(Ord. 2012-67. Passed 4-16-12.)