(a)   For the purposes of administration the Departments of Public Service and Public Safety are combined into a principal administrative department known as the Department of City Manager, which is established and which shall consist of the following divisions:
      (1)   Division of Housing and Community Development;
      (2)   Division of Housing Inspection;
      (3)   Division of Public Works;
      (4)   Division of Sanitation;
      (5)   Division of Police;
      (6)   Division of Fire;
      (7)   Division of Engineering;
      (8)   Division of Parks, Recreation and Forestry;
      (9)   Division of Wastewater Treatment;
      (10)   Division of Motor Maintenance; and
      (11)   Division of Traffic.  (Ord. 2000-142.  Passed 9-18-00.)
   (b)   The City Manager shall be the head of the Department and shall have all powers conferred upon him by the Charter together with all powers conferred by general laws upon the Director of Public Service and Director of Public Safety in cities not inconsistent with the provisions of the Charter, and shall have other powers and authority as hereinafter specified and shall be allowed a secretary.
(1980 Code 31.02; Ord. 6674)