111.07  GENERAL.
   (a)   Any person may visit or telephone the office of the Clerk during that office's regular office hours to determine, based on information available at that office:
      (1)   The time and place of regular meetings;
      (2)   The time, place and purposes of any then known special meeting; and
      (3)   Whether the available agenda of any such future meeting states that any specific type of public business, identified by such person, is to be discussed at such meeting.
   (b)   Any notification provided herein to be given by the Clerk may be given by any person acting in behalf of or under the authority of the Clerk.
   (c)   A reasonable attempt at notification shall constitute notification in compliance with these rules.
   (d)   At the commencement of each meeting, the Clerk or a member of the municipal body shall submit a certificate of the Clerk as to compliance to the Sunshine Law and these rules as to notice and notification.  The certificate shall be conclusive evidence as to the facts set forth therein upon which all persons can rely that these rules have been complied with.
   (e)   To better insure compliance with these rules as to notice and notification, it shall be the responsibility of the chairman or secretary of a municipal body other than Council, or the person or persons calling the meetings, to timely advise the Clerk of future meetings of the municipal body and the subject matters to be discussed thereat.
(1980 Code 30.16; Ord. 7443)