(a)   Any person, upon written request and as provided herein may obtain reasonable advance notification of all meetings at which any specific type of public business is scheduled to be discussed.
   (b)   Such person may file a written request which may be canceled by request from such person to the Clerk, with the Clerk specifying:
      (1)   The person's name and the address and telephone at or through which the person can be reached during and outside of business hours;
      (2)   The specific type of public business the discussion of which the person is requesting advance notification;
      (3)   The municipal body that is the subject of such request; and
      (4)   The number of calendar months not to exceed twelve which the request covers.
   (c)   Each written request shall be accompanied by cash or a check or money order payable to the City in the amount of five dollars ($5.00) for each month covered by the request, which amount has been determined by Council to represent a reasonable fee to cover costs of providing advance notification.
   (d)   The Clerk shall provide a standard form to be used for these requests.  The form shall set forth general subject matter categories to be checked off by the requesting person.
   (e)   Requests may be modified or extended only by filing a complete new request with the Clerk.  A request shall not be deemed to be made unless it is complete in all respects, and such request may be conclusively relied on by both the municipal body that is the subject of the request and the Clerk.
   (f)   The Clerk shall give advance notification under this section by written notification (which may include facsimile and email transmissions), oral notification or both as the Clerk determines.
   (g)   The contents of written notification in subsection (f) hereof may be a copy of the agenda of the meeting.  Written notification may be accomplished by giving advance written notification through copies of the agenda  of all meetings of the municipal body that is the subject of such request.
(1980 Code 30.15; Ord. 7443)