(a)    Any regulations or provisions of these Subdivision Regulations may be changed or amended from time to time by Council.  However, changes or amendments shall not become effective until study and report by the Planning Commission have been made and until a public hearing has been held, public notice of which hearing shall have been given in a newspaper of general circulation at least thirty days prior to the hearing.
   (b)    In order to prevent unnecessary delay, the President or Secretary of the Planning Commission is authorized to forward the report of the Planning Commission to the Clerk of Council without awaiting a formal approval of the minutes of the meeting at which said report was agreed upon. The report shall include a summary of the factors considered by the Planning Commission, including but not limited to potential impact on the area, public or neighbors' comments, and effect upon the City's Zoning Plan if any. The Clerk of Council may proceed to schedule and give notice of the public hearing required in paragraph (a), above, upon receipt of same. Any member of the Planning Commission wishing to address Council regarding any objection to the contents of the report shall be given an opportunity to do so at the public hearing, and such objection shall be considered by Council.
(Ord. 2010-186.  Passed 12-20-10.)