(a)   Permanent monuments shall be accurately set and established as follows:
      (1)   At the intersection of all outside boundary lines of the plat.
      (2)   At intersection of these boundary lines with all street lines;
      (3)   At least at diagonally opposite corners of each street intersection;
      (4)   At the beginning and end of all curves;
      (5)   At points on curves where the radius or direction changes; and
      (6)   At other points necessary to definitely establish all lines of the plat, except those outlining individual lots.
   (b)   Monuments shall be iron pin or pipe not less than three feet long and four inches square or round at the top, with appropriate cross mark, or other type as approved by the City Engineer.
   (c)   Permanent iron pins at least thirty inches long and three-fourths inch in diameter, or some other suitable permanent marker, shall be placed at all corners of each lot.
(1980 Code 152.42)