1181.03  STREETS.
   (a)   All streets and public ways shall be graded to their full width, including side slopes, and to the appropriate grade as determined or approved by the City Engineer or other officials having jurisdiction.  Where the streets serve lots having an area of less than 20,000 square feet, they shall be surfaced to a width of not less than twenty-six feet with a compacted gravel base of not less than ten inches or a crushed limestone base of not less than six inches, and each shall be treated with a double seal coat.  All of the construction shall be in accordance with standards and specifications of the  City Engineer.  Unless excepted by the City Engineer, rolled bituminous or concrete curbs shall be installed along each side of the pavement.
   (b)   Where lots are 20,000 square feet or more in area, pavements of twenty feet in width conforming to the above standards, but without curbs and gutters, may be used, but usable shoulders with a slope of one-half inch per foot shall be provided along any twenty foot pavement.
(1980 Code 152.37)