For purposes of these Subdivision Regulations the following words and phrases shall have the following meanings ascribed to them respectively.
   (a)   "Building setback line" means the line indicating the minimum horizontal distance between the street right-of-way line and buildings or any projections thereof, other than steps, unenclosed balconies and unenclosed porches.
   (b)   "Crosswalk" means a right-of-way, ten feet or more in width, dedicated or permanently reserved across a block in order to provide pedestrian access to adjacent streets or properties.
   (c)   "Easement" means a grant by a property owner of the use, for a specific purpose or purposes, of a strip or parcel of land to the general public, a corporation or a certain person or persons.
   (d)   "Improvements" means the furnishing of all materials, equipment, work and services, including plans and engineering services, staking and supervision necessary to construct all the improvements required in Chapter 1181, or any other improvements that may be provided by the subdivider.  All of the materials, equipment and services shall be provided at the subdivider's cost and expense, although he may enter into a contract with individuals and firms to construct or complete the improvements.
   (e)   "Lot" means a portion of a subdivision or other parcel of land intended for transfer of ownership or for building development.
   (f)   "Major street" means a street shown on the major street plan, a part of the official plan.
   (g)   "Plat" means a map, drawing or chart upon which the subdivider's plan of the subdivision is presented and which he submits for approval and intends in final form to record.
   (h)   "Right of way" means the width, between property lines, of a road, street, parkway, alley or crosswalkway.
   (i)   "Subdivision" means:
      (1)   The division of any parcel of land shown as a unit or as contiguous units on the last preceding tax roll, into two or more parcels, sites or lots, any one of which is less than five acres, for the purpose, whether immediate or future, of transfer of ownership.  However, the division or partition of land into parcels of more than five acres not involving any new streets or easements of access, and the sale or exchange of parcels between adjoining lot owners, where the sale or exchange does not create additional building sites, shall be exempted; or
      (2)   The improvement of one or more parcels of land for residential, commercial or industrial structures, or groups of structures involving the division or allocation of land for the opening, widening or extension of any street or streets, except private streets serving industrial structures.  The division or allocation of land as open spaces for common use by owners, occupants, or lease holders or as easements for the extension and maintenance of public sewers, water, storm drainage, or other public facilities.
   (j)   “Subdivision Regulations"  or "these Regulations" means Ordinance 5579, passed December 21, 1964, as amended, which is codified as Title Seven of this Part Eleven - Planning and Zoning Code.
      (1980 Code 152.01)