(a)   A comprehensive Emergency Operations Plan shall be adopted by Council upon the recommendation of the Emergency Management Administrator and Coordinator and shall be filed with the Clerk of Council.  In the preparation of the Plan as it pertains to the City, it is the intent that the services, equipment, facilities, and personnel of all existing departments and agencies be used to the fullest extent.  Upon appraisal of the Plan, it shall be the duty of all municipal departments and agencies to perform the functions assigned by the Plan and to maintain their portions of the Plan in a current state of readiness at all times.  The Plan shall have the same effect as an ordinance when a disaster has been proclaimed.
   (b)   The Plan shall prescribe those positions within the Emergency Management Organization and the lines of succession for municipal departments and agencies.  The department or agency official shall designate a successor or successors to the Emergency Management Administrator and Coordinator in writing who shall represent the department or agency in their absence when a disaster is proclaimed.
   (c)   Any procedural amendments to the Plan shall be submitted to the Council for approval by the Emergency Management Administrator and Coordinator.
(Ord. 2006-81.  Passed 6-19-06.)