(a)   No person shall perform any work or service for any person or for any government entity for compensation in or in connection with the erection, construction, enlargement, alteration, repair, moving, improvement, maintenance, conversion or manufacture of any sign in the City, or any work or service in connection with causing any such work to be done unless such person or his employer has first obtained a sign contractor's license from the Building Inspector and paid the license fees provided for by the City, or shall be represented by a duly licensed agent or subcontractor.
   (b)   Before any manufacturer can engage in the manufacturing of an electrical sign, he shall demonstrate the ability to issue the Underwriters' Laboratory electrical label pertinent to electric signs, electrical sign specification or some similar electrical labeling requirement.
   (c)   Application.
      (1)   An application for a license shall be made in writing upon blanks furnished by the Engineering Department, which application shall contain the following:
         A.   Name of such applicant;
         B.   The name under which such sign shop is doing business;
         C.   The name of the owner thereof;
         D.   If a partnership, the names of the partners thereof;
         E.   If a corporation, the names of the officers thereof;
         F.   The address of such sign shop;
         G.   The kind of work in which such shop is engaged; and
         H.   The length of time so engaged prior to the date of application.
      (2)   Nothing herein shall be construed to mean that any shop shall be required to secure separate licenses for each class of work mentioned.
      (3)   On the filing of such application and upon the payment of the registration fee and qualifying as herein provided, the Building Inspector shall issue to such applicant a license which shall bear the following:
         A.   A number, consecutive in order of issuance;
         B.   The date of issuance and expiration thereof;
         C.   The name and address of such shop or office; and
         D.   The name of the owner thereof.
   (d)   Expiration.
      (1)   The original registration fee and its subsequent annual renewal shall be for the year of registration or any fraction thereof.
      (2)   All licenses shall expire on December 31 of each year and may be renewed thereafter upon the payment of a renewal registration fee.
      (3)   If there is a lapse of over three months from the expiration of a registry renewal, the registration fee shall be as of an original application.
      (4)   Any such person, firm or corporation, his or its successors or assigns who are now engaged in a business in the City, which is regulated by the terms and conditions of this chapter, and certificate of registration, and has been so engaged continuously in the City in such business for a period of one year prior to the passage of this chapter, shall not be required to pay the original registration fee but shall be registered at the regular rate of the annual renewal fee.
      (5)   Fees.
            Group I   $25.00
            Group II   75.00
         (2004 Code)