(a)   Certificates.  All electrically illuminated signs shall be certified as to electric wiring and devices by the Electrical Inspector having jurisdiction and all wiring and accessory electrical equipment shall conform to the requirements of the National Electrical Code.
   (b)   Limitations.  Permits shall be issued for the erection or maintenance of illuminated signs within the limitations set forth in this chapter for the location, size and type of sign or outdoor display.
   (c)   Reflectors.  Lighting reflectors may project eight feet beyond the face of the wall provided such reflectors are at least twelve feet above the sidewalk level; but in no case shall such reflectors project beyond a vertical plane two feet inside the curb line.
   (d)   When faces on any sign are changed and the electric wiring is not altered in any way, no electrical fee shall be charged for such face change.
(2004 Code)