(a)   Removing or Reconstructing Signs.  No sign heretofore approved and erected shall be repaired, altered or moved, nor shall any sign, or any substantial part thereof, which is blown down, destroyed or removed, be re-erected, reconstructed, rebuilt or relocated unless it is made to comply with all applicable requirements of Sections 1154.06 through1154.24 .
   (b)   Repair of Unsafe Signs.  This section shall not be construed to prevent the repair or restoration to a safe condition as directed by the Building Inspector of any part of an existing sign when damaged by storm or other accidental emergency.
   (c)   Relocating Signs.  Any sign that is moved to another location either on the same or to other premises shall be considered a new sign and a permit shall be secured for any work performed in connection therewith when required by Sections1154.06 through 1154.24 .
(2004 Code)